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Water - I'm not f#*%ing around anymore!

Here's the deal... I live in Ottawa. It's cold AF. I was drinking a lot of water in the summer... then suddenly, I wasn't.

I'm cold, like all the time. And I'm tired. I have a new baby, a 4 year-old who wakes up at 5:30am and a senile dog who thinks day is night and night is day.

So I hit the coffee, hard.

But I was feeling like such a hypocrite because here I am preaching to clients about how much water can help, and meanwhile maybe getting in just one messily litre a day. Not anymore! I ordered monster, down right obnoxious water bottles for my whole family. I hate the way they look in my kitchen. They take up so much counter space I may have to move the toaster... And I hide them in the pantry at night just so the kitchen can look clean for like, a minute.

But you know what - it works!

I now have a visual, daily reminder of my goal. I can't avoid it. It's right there. The bottles are clear. I can see how much I have drank and how much more I have to drink to reach my goal.

Have you written down a goal for yourself lately? Try it. Then leave it somewhere where you can see it.

I still enjoy my coffee, but not without taking in water before and after. It's slowly becoming a routine and I am noticing positive changes.

I've been proudly taking in 3 litres a day now as I work towards losing the last 10 pounds of my baby weight... I think it's working. My weight was stuck for a while and it has come down about a pound in a week. I feel less hungry and more satisfied. My skin feels less dry and I think I even see slight improvements in my hair and nails. I've had quite a few clients comment on water and energy... saying they feel more energized when they hit higher amounts of water. I have yet to experience this... possibly because I'm not ready to cut down on the caffeine, or up my intake to 4 litres.. but I'm hoping to get there eventually.

BTW water does all kinds of cool shit in your body. It dissolves things like sugars, transports important stuff like nutrients, flushes out gross toxins and lubricates areas like your joints. There are too many benefits to list, really and there's many reasons every nutritionist, doctor, massage therapist, PT and so on will tell you to drink it. The thing is, you don't actually realize how much you are drinking, until you count it.

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