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Vacation Mode On!

This is my friend and All Level CrossFit member Ryan. While at the cottage this week Ryan didn’t quit on his workouts. He started most days with a workout that included minimal equipment, swimming, running and body weight movements.

This is one of many ways you can stay on track while on vacation. Starting your day with even just a short workout can help keep you focused and energized and it will probably help you feel a little better if you’ve decided to indulge.

Here are a few vacation nutrition tips that can also help:

  • Fill your cooler/fridge with easy healthy fruits and veggies. Make snacking on whole foods just as convenient as opening a bag of chips.

  • If you have access to a kitchen cook/BBQ lean meats and make enough for leftovers. Leftover chicken/fish makes for super easy lunches or even just an easy leftover dinner after a long day at the beach or on the boat.

  • Order from restaurants with healthy options… think whole meats/poultry/fish or seafood… whole grain rice or quinoa.. and veggies. Most places will have a salad with protein option and if you want to track your food you can order the dressing/cheese on the side.

  • Bring your favourite go-tos. If you know you like a certain protein bar or healthy snack, pack it! It’s worth the extra time to stay consistent.

  • Decide how much alcohol is important to you. Do you need to drink every day to have fun? Can you have just one or two drinks a day and still enjoy yourself?

  • Hydrate… then hydrate some more. When we travel we often instinctively don’t drink a lot of fluids… no one really enjoys those public bathroom stops.. I get it. But when you get to your destination, give your body the water it needs. Bringing your own reusable water bottle can help you make sure you are at least getting a few litres a day.

  • If you want to, bring your food scale and track. Your eating does not necessarily have to change just because your away. You should never feel embarrassed about working hard toward a goal that’s important to you.

  • Be mindful. Whether it is indulging on food, treats or booze, decide a head of time what’s important to you and enjoy it. Just because you have weight loss or body composition or performance goals doesn’t mean you can’t have something you want… you probably just shouldn’t have allllll the things 😉

When it’s all said and done, what you do in one week won’t make or break your diet so if you just need a break - take it. It’s the consistent choices that you make every day over time that will add up. If you need help, accountability and direction with those choices… I’m here to help 🙋‍♀️

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