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Snack Attack... Your Best Offence is a good Defence

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

If you happened to follow my husband's hockey coaching career, you know he's a big fan of defence first. All of his players, even the forwards, have a defensive role to play. In fact, I think I cheer just as loud now for blocked shots as I do for goals.

What the hell does this have to do with nutrition??

Right now most of us are stuck at home as our brave health care workers fight COVID 19. They are the ones doing all the heavy lifting. Let's not forget that as we feel sorry for ourselves. They are the ones blocking the shots. Most of us don't have to put ourselves in harms way every day. Let's start by choosing a positive mindset about how lucky we are.

That said, I am hearing, time and time again that the snack attacks are coming on, and they are striking hard. My best advice: defend against them by prepping your veggies. It s a boring, simple and yet wildly effective.

When your veggies are washed, cut, peeled, sliced and diced and just waiting there in the Tupperware for you, you know you can reach for them pretty much whenever you want.

Board? Grab a carrot stick. Dehydrated? Here's some peppers. Craving chips? Try some crunchy cucumbers.

I know baking so-call healthy treats can seem more appealing. I'm doing that too. I'm working on more recipes for you and I will post them. But we still need to watch our portions.

Yes you made healthy cookies - great. No - you should not eat 6 of them at once.

In addition to providing a quick snack, vegetables are packed with phytonutrients which boosts our health and help us fight against disease. Want to avoid getting sick? Add veggies to your defence. They are packed with vitamins and minerals. The also contain fiber, which can lower cholesterol and blood sugar, maintain good bowel health and keep us feeling full and satisfied.

Oh, and if you already have those veggies cut and ready to go, making dinner and lunch just became a hell of lot faster. You're welcome.

Here are a few other defensive tips:

* Drink a glass of water before you snack. When you're done, ask yourself, Am I still hungry? Board of water? Slow down to have a hot cup of tea or coffee.

* Before you eat, ask yourself, Am I hungry or just tired? If you feel tired try sneaking a little 10-20 minute power nap and see how you feel when you get up.

* Before you eat, ask yourself, Am I hungry or am I lonely? If self-isolation has got you down, Facetime a friend or family member, or even your nutrition coach. You might realize it was human interaction you are craving and not food at all.

* Before you eat, ask yourself, Am I hungry or am I board? Try taking a quick walk outside or completing a small chore or work task and then see how you feel.

If you work your way through this list and find you are hungry... Eat! You need some food. The goal is to defend against mindless snacking and specifically snacking on junk.

Here's another defensive tip for snacking success: don't buy junk.

The more processed, sugar-filled, less-nutrient-dense options in your house, the more you or someone you love will eat them. Try to exercise some restraint when shopping and buy things you are proud of. Shop with purpose. Shop to cook or bake. Shop on-line and avoid "temptation"aisles when you do have to go into the grocery store.

The best offence against mindless snacking, weight gain and even disease, is a good defence. DJ and I don't agree on everything but do on this. Thanks coach.

I'm going to go eat some carrots now.

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