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Shopping for Success

Good nutrition depends on someone bringing home the bacon… well maybe the whole chicken for the sake of argument. Historically human beings hunted and gathered food. We worked for it and in many cases really had to work hard for those calories.

With the modern conveniences of our industrialized world, most of us no longer have to do any heavy labour when it comes to our food. If you just so happen to have your own garden or hunt or fish - amazing! You will definitely have you fridge stocked with some nutrient dense options.

But at some point eating requires us to shop. Having strategies for shopping can be key when it comes to choosing whole or minimally processed foods.

First let’s start with some of the easier strategies:

Plan ahead and work off a list. This will save you time and energy and keep you from making impulse buys that maybe are not the most nutritious choices.

Shop the perimeter of the grocery store. Most grocery stores usually start with produce, then seafood, meat and dairy. Typically these food items are whole, or less processed choices.

Avoid junk food aisles. It can be hard to say no… especially once your eyes lock with that package of Oreo cookies and it just feels like fate right?! Out of sight - out of stomach. Try not to tempt yourself.

Don’t shop hungry or tired. You might find you shop with more focus and discipline when going in with a satisfied stomach and energized body and mind.

Order pick up or delivery groceries. Click and collect is not lazy - it’s efficient. You can order the items you need from your computer at work… err… at home, I mean at home. And that way you avoid impulse buys and have more time to put thought into your choices. Not sure what that ingredient on the label is? Google it!

Choose farmers markets / local butchers or local farms. Here you will find variety and learn more about the conditions your food is raised or grown in. Typically food will be fresher, in season and therefore more nutrient dense. You may also find you spend less money.

Leave the kids at home. It’s not always possible but if you have a difficult time saying no to your child try to do the shopping when they are not around. You also might find you have more time to read labels and actually enjoy your shopping experience more.

Decide who the best person is for the job when it comes to shopping. If your family members do not have the same goals when it comes to nutrition, you might have to take over shopping. Alternatively, if you know your significant other may have better discipline, maybe you can agree they should bring home the goods.

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