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The Whole (Foods) Story

“Whole foods” is more than just an expensive grocery store. It’s definitely become a buzz word in the nutrition world… but many people do not know exactly what it means or includes.

Whole foods are nutrient-rich, minimally processed foods.

They include things like:

- Fresh fruits and vegetables

- Whole grains

- Beans and legumes

- Fresh meats and poultry

- Fresh fish and seafood

- Nuts and seeds

These foods keep us fuller, longer. They control our blood sugars and help control our appetite. They also deliver essential vitamins and minerals to our body to help it operate at optimal levels. Oh and it turns out, our bodies prefer using nutrients from whole food sources over supplements.

A nutritious diet is one that is rich in a wide variety of all of the above foods. People sometimes say, choose foods along the outside aisles of the grocery store… a little oversimplified but generally true.

When possible - buy local. Local food tends to be more nutrient dense and even tastes better! Supporting local farmers helps your local economy and you can ask questions that are important to you about how your food was grown or cared for.

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