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Family News | 1000 Box Steps Ups with a Special Guest

On March 28th I did the #CrossFit WOD (workout of the day) Chad. The workout is long and boring. 1000 box step-ups to a 20” box, holding and/or wearing 45lbs.

It was programmed by CrossFit NCR and I thought, why the hell not ?  I have time to kill.   #stayhome #COVID19

I was able to borrow a box from our hometown gym All Level CrossFit. I can’t rave more about all the CrossFit gyms out there that are sharing programming and lesson plans for free right now.

These are workouts that are accessible to all. You don’t need prior CrossFit experience, or even equipment. They are offering so many ideas for how people can move at home and stay motivated. This is helping clients of mine who never gave CrossFit much thought before.  I hope it pays off for these gyms by seeing members stick with them and hopefully even more clients signing up once the quarantine ends. If you’re reading this and need workout ideas message me!  I’d be happy to share more info.

Anyway - Chad. This is what the CrossFit world calls a “hero WOD”.  Basically a long and hard workout that’s named after someone inspiring.  Chad Wilkinson was a 22-year active duty SEAL stationed in Virginia Beach, who took his own life. When you suffer through a hero WOD you honour the memory of that hero and it reminds you that whatever pain you suffer from the workout pales in comparison to the suffering others have gone through, many to serve their country.

So here I was, 18 weeks #pregnant and feeling a little sorry for myself. I’ve always felt that I’m just not that good at being pregnant.  To be perfectly honest, I just don’t enjoy being pregnant. I gain weight fast. I gain weight everywhere.  I’m not just an “all belly” gal. I’m not a “no-shower” and I really don’t feel “that glow” they talk about.

My pregnancy trimesters look like this: 

1. Puking or feeling like I’m going to

2. Feeling uncomfortable, rapid weight gain, strange dreams

3. Feeling super uncomfortable, heartburn, acid reflex and little sleep

I’m not asking for sympathy. Believe me. Despite all of this I completely realize how lucky I am to be pregnant.

This realization started for me when we almost lost my son Brock at 32 weeks. He was born two months early via an emergency c-section and was in heart and lung failure. I’ll save the details of Brock’s story for another time but long story short he was rushed across the border from Windsor Ontario to Detroit Michigan and after 12 hours we were finally told he would survive. I wasn’t able to be with him because I had just had surgery. I had to wait in Windsor to get the news from my husband.

We are the lucky ones. Our son survived.  He is the love of my life. There are so many others who have not been as lucky and that is heartbreaking.

After Brock we tried for second. I had three early miscarriages all around 6 or 7 weeks.  These miscarriages were all disappointing but not nearly as painful as what many women endure. None of them were even close to as traumatic for me as almost losing Brock in my third trimester. I was sad and scared we wouldn’t have another but I didn’t give up hope.

On Boxing Day 2019, to my surprise, I got a positive on a home pregnancy test.  For weeks now, months even, I’ve been waiting for the other shoe to drop. The thing is - fingers crossed - this baby seems to be sticking around. I’m about halfway through this pregnancy now. So I’m putting my extreme paranoia and superstitions aside to share the news.

I am lucky to be pregnant. I get it.

I’m also grateful to be able to still do many CrossFit workouts. They keep my stress down and make me feel much better all around.

Chad got me thinking about how fortunate I am to feel the pains of pregnancy. I didn’t try to hold the suggested 45lbs. I figured my 14lbs in weight gain and my 14lb weight vest would do just fine. My husband DJ asked me why I even wanted to wear the vest.

Because it still fits. That’s why, Silly.

It took me almost 1.5 hours to finish the workout. I wanted to quit multiple times. I was 35 minutes slower then the last time I did this workout (not pregnant). So why keep going? Because I can. Because I want my sons to know, we don't quit. Because if I'm asking my nutrition clients to stay motivated, I have to stay motivated myself.

I am grateful that I can still complete this workout. I am grateful for the fresh air I got while doing it and the new playlist my hubby made to kill the time. I am grateful for my son Brock who interrupted this workout with two meltdowns, one imaginary gunfight and three times to show me he was riding his bike. I am grateful for DJ who asked me what rep I was on about 20 times.

I am especially grateful for this little baby who came along for the ride.

BTW we found out on Friday that we're having another boy. Oh boy!!



Our littlest #Senators and #Knights fan is due at the end of August.

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