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Banana Berry Pops

How many times have your kids asked you for a snack today? Since self isolation started Brock’s snack intake has gone from two or three snacks a day to maybe 10. Trips to the kitchen have become my greatest cardio burn... lol. I’ve also noticed that Brock has been eating much smaller lunches and dinners, which I’m fine with but the increased snacking makes for a lot more work for me. The bigger problem is that more and more junk has seemed to creep its way into my home. This is partly due to the fact that I’m no longer the only person doing the grocery shopping... annnnndddd partly due to the fact that I’m starting to feel like I’ll give my kid just about anything at this point for a moment of peace. But I’ve reached a breaking point. I don’t make any food forbidden to Brock but I do try to make junk quietly unavailable. The more it is available, the more he goes completely candy crazy. Seriously, this kid is like a junkie looking to score his next hit. It’s too much. I also notice that the more processed the food is, the faster he’s asking me for another snack. If he has a Bear Paw he wants another one in ten minutes. But if he sits down to eat an apple with peanut butter he probably won’t ask me for something again for another hour at least. Hmmm... interesting what we can learn from our kids. I’m still into baking but sometimes I feel like I can’t keep up. So this week I decided to make homemade popsicles again. I bought a few different kinds of organic juices that I felt good about and pulled out our popsicle molds. While the sugar content is actually similar to the No Name brand we recently bought there’s no additives in the juice I’m using and way more vitamins... mom win! Also B helped me pour all the juice into the molds which didn’t take much time but it gave us something to do. While on this frozen treat kick I was snacking on a bag of mixed frozen fruit that has bananas in it. It reminded me of having frozen banana popsicles as a kid. Man I loved those!! Mind you I’m sure they were dipped in chocolate and coated in peanuts.. but still. I searched through my kitchen drawers to see if I had bamboo skewers to stick into them and jackpot! I cut about an inch off my sticks so they wouldn’t stick out too much and make the banana pop too top heavy. For this recipe I basically just deconstructed the smoothie I make for Brock. Four ingredients and your done! So easy. Honestly I think I like this “treat” just as much as he does and they happen to be refined sugar free and gluten free, in case that’s important to you.

What's more important are the nutrients in bananas. Hello vitamins C and B6, magnesium and potassium! As a mom that makes this simple snack so much more satisfying. Banana Berry Pops Ingredients 3 Bananas cut in half 3/4 cup mixed frozen berries 1/3 cup plain Greek yogurt 1/3 cup unsweetened almond milk (or any milk) Directions Place parchment paper on a baking sheet. Cut bananas into even halves and lay on baking sheet. Insert bamboo sticks into the bottom of each banana (I cut about an inch off my sticks so they wouldn’t stick out too much and make the banana pop too too heavy). Using a blender, combine yogurt, milk and frozen berries. Dip each banana into yogurt mixture and place on baking sheet one at a time. Drizzle leftover yogurt mixture on top of bananas. Freeze and enjoy! Store in a freezer safe bag or container to avoid freezer burn. Nutritional Information Serves 6 Calories 74 Fat 0.4g Carbohydrates 16.3g Protein 2.8g *Nutritional information is based off a web-based nutrition application and results may vary depending on the brands and products used #Bananapop #Healthysnack #Bananasnack #Healthyfood #Nutrition #Glutenfree #Refinedsugarfree #motivation #foodmotivation #snackideas

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