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If you knew me ten years ago you might be thinking, what on earth is this girl doing with a nutrition and food blog?!


It’s true.  I hardly knew how to cook until about seven years ago.


I spent my 20s and early 30s chasing my career.  I f#*%ing loved it! I was tv journalist in a busy, fast-paced, stressful daily routine.  I didn’t have time to cook. At least, I thought I didn’t.


Plus, I didn’t really know how.  I was raised by a hard-working single father in the 80s.  Back then microwave dinners and fast-food were totally acceptable daily practices.  


But I have always had a strong desire to be “healthy”  and I’ve always been very active.  


In university I decided to become vegetarian because the cafeteria meat was gross and I lived on campus first year.  It was probably a good call. I did start to cook more after graduating too and cooking veggies instead of meat seemed harder to screw up.


But I didn’t feel my best as a vegetarian so around my mid-20s I decided to reintroduce fish and poultry.  


Fast-forward to my mid-30s.  Still super active. Still worked in news and also ran half and full marathons and operated a small aerial arts (circus!) company with my cousin. I was definitely fit but I did notice the scale slowly, very slowly start to creep up.  I didn’t worry much about it… but I noticed it.


I had my son Brock at 35.  (Watch out… Lots of him on this blog!)


I started CrossFit and worked my ass off for hours a day trying to get back to pre-baby weight.  BTW I gained 55 pounds while pregnant and I had my son two months early. It wasn’t happening. You guys, sometimes I worked out for 3 hours a day and I hardly ate carbs!  Still overweight.  


Finally I got a nutrition coach.  She helped me changed my physique and completely changed my relationship with food.  It honestly changed my life.


After moving from Toronto to Ottawa to support my hubby’s NHL dreams I made the difficult decision to give up chasing news.  I had already earned my Precision Nutrition certification and I was also coaching CrossFit occasionally so I had a good idea of what my next step would be.


Here it is - Apples n Abs.  What started a fun hobby of recipe creating and researching nutritional information has now become a passion for me!  I hope you’ll find this website helpful, informative and inspiring! I will also include some cool interviews and of course delicious and balanced recipes.  


I am so excited to share my passion with you!





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