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Welcome to Apples n Abs!

This site is dedicated to providing quality nutrition information, tips, tricks and tasty recipes.  


I’m Christie Bezaire, a PN1 certified nutrition coach and CrossFit Level 1 coach.  

Before embarking on this nutrition journey I spent 14 years working as a journalist with CTV Windsor and CP24 in Toronto. I pride myself in taking evidence and results based approaches to nutrition coaching.  My nutrition philosophy is centered around an enjoyable, sustainable and balanced path to eating. 

I am also a mom, step-mom, dog and cat mom.

My husband happens to be DJ Smith, Head Coach of the Ottawa Senators… which means I’m a pretty big Sens fan!



WOW,  I cannot Thank Coach Christie enough for her help.  I have lost 30 lbs since Sept 2019. I always had a problem getting over the 10lb hump.  With the help of Christie I was able to do so and then some! This weight loss journey has been invigorating and empowering to say the least.  I would not have been able to get here with out Christie’s help! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart.


Mike Y. Windsor, ON

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